10 Reasons Why India should support Russia in the Ukraine conflict

We all know the world is changing and we as a nation should start looking at the west from a different perspective, from a position of one of the stakeholders in world affairs and not from a standpoint of subordination.

The Covid pandemic exposed the USA and other western powers’ inability to act collectively against china, exposing the need for regional powers to take an individual stance against the Red Giant. India acted swiftly and controlled the Covid crisis in an unprecedented way while learning how to mobilize its large manpower base to deliver positive results swiftly.

India has and should have the ambition to be a regional power in the South Asia region and to let everyone know this we as a nation should look into the following. There are 10 reasons why India should back Russia to boost Indo-Russia bilateral ties.

  1. This conflict is not going to be forgotten and media management of war footage as well as the events and their different interpretations will be available for coming generations on the online discussion groups and archives for eternity. We as a nation will be judged as well for our stand. As the popular saying goes “friend in need is a friend indeed” and Russia has been a time tested friend. Taking sides is inevitable and it’s a platform for India to show the world that we are a nation with our unique perspective. Our own economic and regional security scenarios need to be considered. The outcome of this ongoing crisis will have a long-lasting impact on how China and Pakistan act against India in future.
  2. This is an opportunity to cozy up with our all-weather ally Russia at a time when Russia needs powerful friends like India. It will renew our old ties with Russia, which happens to be our leading arms supplier. 
  3. Taking a neutral stance is a stand-in itself. This stance will show others that India is thinking independently, making a case for its permanent seat in the UN security council.
  4. India needs to put all its resources into preparing for the looming Taiwan and South china sea situation that will most likely follow the Ukraine crisis. The USA and its allies are soft on Russia, giving China an advantage and room to speculate on invading Taiwan in the recent future. 
  5. Russia’s naval efficiency is key to India’s long-term regional security. The USA’s unipolar worldview needs to be countered and Russia is our only bet today.
  6. Russia’s obligation to its citizens is to keep the west/NATO away from its borders is legitimate. Ukraine should be treated as a no man’s land between NATO and Russia. 
  7. The integrity of the world’s power structures should be maintained, it serves India’s long-term ambitions. India needs world peace to focus on its growth and prepare itself for any near future conflict with China, Pakistan or both at the same time. Russia has and will stand with India in such scenarios. The US- India relations in a conflict situation has not been tested in the post-Soviet era and India is much more secure trusting Russia than the USA.
  8. Russian military hardware and timely delivery of s-400 systems to India is crucial for our own security. 
  9. Our support to Russia will stop Moscow from furthering its ties with Beijing.
  10. The USA is on a decline as a world superpower and India should play its cards right to carve out a powerful world leadership place. A multipolar world is a much sought-after situation to give other nations a level field to compete on a sustainable world economic ground.