7 Athletes Who Have Done Extraordinary Things To Maintain Their Bodies, catch details

7 Athletes Who Have Done Extraordinary Things To Maintain Their Bodies, catch details

We all strive to be the best in whatever we do; at work or play. Athletes have a passion to be the best,  and they work towards it every single day.

Athletes have to stay extremely disciplined when it comes to their physical health, from tracking their diet to their sleep, as their physical body is the main source of their athletic capabilities. They sometimes go to extreme lengths to be the best.

In this article, we will take a look at the 7 athletes who have done unbelievable things to maintain their bodies.  

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger: 

Arnold, before he became an actor, the 38th governor of California, film producer, and businessman, was a bodybuilder who won 7 titles in Mr. Olympia. To achieve this, Arnold had to stick to an extremely strict diet schedule. Arnold used to work out for about 5-6 hours in the gym, per day!  

2. Cristiano Ronaldo:  

Aside from his already unbelievable diet and training, Cristiano also trains during his sleep! The football star who has won Over 5 Ballon d’Or prefers to take a five 90-minute course nap, instead of the consecutive 7-8 hours.  

3. Mike Tyson:  

The world-famous boxer who reigned as the undisputed world heavyweight champion from 1987 to  1990 won his first 19 professional fights by knockout, 12 of them in the first round. Iron mike used to perform about 2000 sit-ups per day as a part of his training!  

4. Mary Kom:  

One of the craziest things that Mary Kom has ever had to do is lose 2 kilos before her boxing match which was 4 hours away. Upon measuring her weight before her match she was 2 kilos over what was previously estimated therefore she had to lose it in a mere 4 hours. When asked in an interview about how she overcame the obstacle she simply said that she skipped for an hour straight and was ready to go.  

5. Mirabai Chanu :  

The Indian weightlifter is said to have had jitters 2 days before her competition and reportedly did not eat anything during those days. During her practice sessions, she dearly missed home food and after she won her medal she returned to India and had her first meal after winning the medal at home.  

6. Virat Kohli :  

Athletes and sports persons have known to try a lot of things that will better their performance in the field, and supposedly, the Indian cricketer is no exception. He reportedly used to drink imported water from France that cost him up to Rs 600 per bottle. It was used to stabilize his body to not hamper his training programs.  

7. Michael Phelps:  

Michael’s trainer, Bob Bowman used extreme conditions to train him before his Olympics. He used to take him to Colorado Springs due to its low altitude which made it harder to breathe. He said that it helped the trainee to retain their performance better.

During that time Michael’s diet consisted of eggs,  coffee and french toast for all his three meals and did nothing but rest and practice. 

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