Wife ties Husband to a tree, beats him for three days continuously

A disturbing incident has surfaced in Telangana that not only prompts reflection but also shakes societal norms. A wife tied her husband with chains and tortured him for 3 days for his property. A video of this matter is going viral on social media.

According to online sources, the family was facing financial difficulties and was unable to repay the loan. The dispute started over selling a property to repay the loan. Police said that Narasimha had left the house on Monday. Bharatamma, his wife, eventually found him and confined him within their home using chains for three days.

After getting information about the situation, the local people intervened and saved Narasimha, and called the police. Police officials said that a case has been registered and an investigation is underway. According to the information, local people secretly capture the torture on their cell phones. People brought the video to the attention of former MPTC member Mahesh.

He complained to the police. On receiving information about this, the police reached there freed the enslaved victim, and took him to the police station. CI Saidul said that a case has been registered against his wife Bharatamma, son Ganesh, and Raju and are being investigated. On the other hand, seeing the police, Narasimha started crying bitterly. He was tied with chains and tortured for three days and requests were made to save him.

Narasimha’s house was built on land in his wife’s name. Narasimha told his wife that he would sell another land in his name to repay the loan. Since then, fights continued between the couple. In this sequence, he had gone away from home a year ago. On the 30th of last month, Bharatamma came to know that her husband was in Padmati Somaram of Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district. She went with her sons and forcefully abducted her husband to their house in Ghatkesar. After this, she put Narasimha in the room, tied him with iron chains, and started torturing him for three days.

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