Man shares the shocking condition of the 1AC coach, here’s what Indian Railways replied

Indian Railways, one of the world’s largest railway networks, often faces criticism for its maintenance and safety standards. Despite being a vital component of India’s transportation infrastructure, handling both freight and passenger transport across vast distances, recurring issues with maintenance can severely impact its reliability and safety.

Meanwhile, one of the major challenges that passengers face while travelling in trains is overcrowding, which is one of the longstanding challenges faced by Indian Railways, impacting both comfort and safety for passengers.

This issue is particularly pronounced during peak travel seasons such as major festivals and holidays when millions of people travel across the country. The demand for train travel in India significantly exceeds the available capacity, especially in populous states and on major routes.

Man shares the shocking condition of the 1AC coach, here's what Indian Railway replied

Even with a vast network and thousands of trains running daily, Indian Railways struggles to accommodate the immense number of passengers who rely on it as their primary mode of transportation.

Another issue which the Indian Railways face is ticketless travel, which not only leads to financial losses but also exacerbates the problem of overcrowding on trains.

Man shares the shocking condition of the 1AC coach

Kushal Mehra, a passenger with a ticket for the first class AC coach, recently shared a frustrating experience on social media. He took to his X handle and then posted about an incident where he was obstructed by a group of ladies blocking his access to the restrooms outside his cabin.

Accompanying his post, Mehra uploaded pictures showing the crowded area, highlighting how difficult it was for him to navigate through the packed space just to reach the bathroom.

“The horror on Train no 22949 Delhi Saria Rohilla train first ac continues. Outside my cabin right now when I woke up and went to use the washroom. I couldn’t even click the others on the right as I couldn’t walk past these women. I asked the attendant, and he says this is how it is. No one does anything @RailMinIndia. PNR NO: 8215769471. Coach no HA1. A1 Cabin. This is organised ticket less traveling right outside my cabin!!!!!”

He posted another update, stating “This is the latest update right now. They’re really relaxed and having a great chat discussing railway policy making I guess @RailMinIndia”

After tagging the Railway Minister in his posts, Kushal Mehra reported that the unauthorized occupants blocking his way were eventually removed.

He added, “And it gets cleared when they find out I tagged the minister. I am never traveling by trains ever again in my life.”