Lesbian wife kills her husband, grinds his body in electric mixer

This is the story of a dangerous woman who brutally killed her husband and then grate his body parts in the grinder. The husband’s name was Charan Singh, and the wife’s name was Seema. Charan Singh and Seema got married with great pomp and show in the year 2013.

The entire family was happy to have Seema as the bride, and Seema made every effort to keep her family happy. However, behind Seema’s smiling face, there was a devilish mind that would create chaos if unleashed in the in-laws’ house. In such circumstances, Seema saw only one way. That was Gauna where she can leave her in-laws and go back to her maternal home. Seema had a girlfriend who lived in her maternal home.

Seema went to her parent’s home after several months, and her happiness knew no bounds when she saw her girlfriend. In her parents’ home, Seema was living all her old desires and moments with her girlfriend, which she couldn’t fulfil in her in-laws’ house, despite her desires.

Being away from her husband, Seema felt a sense of freedom, and no one doubted her relationship with her girlfriend in the surrounding people, thinking of her as a married Seema. However, Seema’s two sisters, Priyanka and Babita, do have not any problem with Seema’s relationship. Both sisters are approved of Seema’s relationship.

While love was blossoming, Seema was unaware of the shortage of time. To fulfil the ritual of going to the in-laws’ house, Charan tried many times to bring Seema back to his home, but Seema repeatedly refused.

This created pressure from Charan’s family to bring his wife back from her parents’ home. In the meantime, Charan kept questioning Seema about her mistakes and apologized, but Seema did not pay any attention to these things. Seema had grown tired of listening to her husband’s complaints every day. Frustrated, Seema planned with her sisters to kill her husband, Charan, with the help of one of her sisters’ friends.

The plan was that Seema would call her husband Charan and take him to her sister’s house, where they would have a party. At the party, Seema’s brother Ram and both sisters were already present. As the party progressed, the consumption of alcohol increased. At that moment, taking advantage of the opportunity, Ram put sleeping pills in the alcohol.

Charan became unconscious, and then Seema, along with her sisters, took Charan to the bathroom. There, with a sharp knife, they cut off Charan’s arms and legs first, and finally, they separated his head from the body. Feeling unsatisfied, Seema separated her husband’s throat from his body. Seema felt that after this, there would be no obstacle between her and her lover.

Seema crossed all the limits of cruelty, and she blended several parts of Charan’s body in a blender. Then the sisters chopped the body into pieces and threw it into a nearby drain but wrote the bloody crime with ink.

The police immediately formed a team to investigate and identified the area of the deceased before the body pieces were thrown into the drain. They traced it back to Charan’s wife, Seema. They say there are no boundaries in love, and for a person in love, all battles become easy. But when the same love becomes uncontrollable, the person becomes the most feared criminal in the world of crime.”

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