When they invited me to a hotel I was ready with my 6 female friends,” Bharti Singh shares her first audition experience

Obesity is always made a subject of mockery. Bharti Singh has become an inspiration for young people struggling with body image issues. It is not necessary that only slim people can be beautiful. According to Bharti Singh, her success can be attributed to three factors: her weight, her talent, and her mother.

Bharti reveals that the path to her success was not easy. Her father passed away during her childhood, and she was born into extreme poverty. To make ends meet, her mother worked in a blanket and scarf factory. Even today, Bharti despises the smell and sound of those machines.

Bharti’s weight and talent were the primary reasons for her success in her first audition. However, her mother played the most crucial role in this success. If she hadn’t accompanied Bharati to Mumbai, Bharti wouldn’t be here today.

Bharti used to perform comedy programs in college. It was during this time that she received an audition call for Comedy Circus. She had to reach a hotel for the audition, but Bharati had heard wrong information about auditions in hotels not being safe for women.

She went there with five or six friends. When they arrived, the directors were dressed in shorts, which increased Bharti’s suspicion. They were ready with cameras, but Bharati was very scared. The director asked Bharti, “What can you do?”

Bharti replied, “What do you mean?” Then he clarified that they were discussing a comedy act. Fifteen days after Bharti’s audition, she received a call from Endemol, and she thought it was a company selling eggs. Then she was informed about the show, and she took her first flight to Mumbai with her mother. People criticized Bharti and her mother for going to Mumbai. They had various misconceptions in their minds. However, her mother brought her to Mumbai.

According to Bharti, she feels proud that her weight brought her here. It is because of her weight that she can flirt with big stars like Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan. What she does cannot be done by a thin girl. Obesity adds cuteness to all of this. Bharti is happy with her weight, and she also thanks God for making her fat. Previously, she thought that being overweight was a problem as no clothes fit her, but now it is not like that. She is very happy and has become an inspiration for millions of people today.”

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