Man shares pic of mother while on Oxygen support; calls it ‘unconditional love’

According to Indian culture, Parents are placed on par with Gods. The apt phrase, ‘Respect your parents, teachers and elders’ just sums up the whole nation’s philosophy. India is well known for its virtual importance of discipline and moral values, which we take pride in being an Indian.

The unconditional love that a mother has for her children is unmatched in that she handles her child with complete care and protection. We run short of adjectives and superlatives to describe the relationship between a mother and her child.

A mother is one who takes care of us even before we were born and continues to do the same till her last breath, that pretty much sums up how children mean a mother. Likewise, a child, after gaining consciousness and maturity, starts reflecting on the love on mother.

Recently, a picture of a woman cooking food in the kitchen while on oxygen support spread like wildfire on social media. Her son shared the picture online and wrote, “Unconditional love = mother. She is never off duty.”

Man shares pic of mother while on Oxygen support; calls it 'unconditional love'

The screenshot of the post went viral on social media and the netizens started to criticize the guy for applauding her mother’s condition. Many people argued that the woman needs rest as she is on oxygen support. Sadly, with no option left, she had to work for her family.

“Glorifying women’s misery ,sacrifice and pain is a norm in our country… “She is never off duty ” has been said proudly often in our society… The reality is you never gave a chance to her being off duty ?,” a Twitter user wrote.

Another user wrote: “The people in that house are monsters. She is cooking while on oxygen and instead of letting her rest, these idiots took a picture, posted it and went on about their lives.”

“Indian men act like they are vegetative when it comes to cooking.Also glorifying how pathetic they are by making the mom an idol because she was born to sacrifice for her family and kids. What about common sense, she most definitely has covid, the oxygen cylinder is near the gas,” another user wrote.