Mumbai Police posted Abhishek Bachchan’s pic with a funny caption; he gave a hilarious reply

Mumbai Police posted Abhishek Bachchan's pic with a funny caption; he gave a hilarious reply

With social media dominating the world, people get to express their own opinion. But at times, netizens come up with comments which are deemed contrary to the spirit of human values.

We have come across people shaming or trolling every second person for their posts on social media. Be it right or wrong reason, some people still find a reason to troll them. Celebrities have often faced the wrath of the netizens on social media.

On the other hand, some have used social media in the best way possible. Many times, police twitter handles have posted tweets to ensure the safety of the netizens. Meanwhile, Mumbai Police posted Abhishek Bachchan’s picture along with a funny caption.

There is no hiding from the fact that Mumbai police is one of the most active (social media) and savvy police department in India. For quite a frequent times, the department worked towards educating people on how to fight Covid-19, especially while drawing a reference to our Bollywood stars.

“Abhi fist bump, ‘Shek’ hands when it’s safer please”. Interestingly, the caption of the image was, “‘Guru’, Mumbai ho ya ‘Delhi-6’ feet distance zaruri hai! Social distancing ko ‘abhi alvida na kehna’.”

Check the post below:

In the caption, Mumbai police broke down Abhishek’s first name in two orders, ‘Abhi’ in a bid to give the message that people should avoid involving in a handshake for now and in place, use fist bumps.

They also educated people to maintain social distancing by citing movies of Junior Bacchan like Delhi 6, Guru and Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna.

The post went viral and caught the attention of Abhishek Bachchan and he reshared it by writing in the caption.“Couldn’t agree more @mumbaipolice Ghar baitho, family ke saath “Dhoom” machao, “Ludo” khelo. Safe raho.”

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