Husband goes to police station after finding his wife with 19 more husbands

‘Wedding’ is a ceremony where two souls are united in marriage. Of all the grand ceremonies we have ever seen, wedding is the most amazing thing. Wedding practices vary greatly between cultures, religions and countries.

Planning a wedding in advance helps you to organise the ceremony rather smoothly. It is quite obvious that the concerned family spend tiring weeks preparing for an event. It includes activities like shopping, calling photographers, arranging caterers, sending invites and so on.

On the dark side, there are several things happening in the world which people are unaware of. Women are getting pregnant before marriage and are having affairs with multiple men behind the scenes.

Meanwhile, a husband got the shock of his life when he came to know that his wife married another man. This incident happened in China where the man was simply scrolling the video-blogging platform and while doing so, he came across a video of his wife getting hitched to another man.

The 35-year-old unidentified man, hailing from Bayannur, Inner Mongolia, was being forced by his family to get hitched. Meanwhile, a matchmaker surnamed Li introduced him to a woman in Gansu. She demanded a dowry of 148,000 yuan (Rs 16.9 lakh) before the both of them got married in a wedding ceremony in January after 1 month of courtship.

Needless to say, the couple arranged a traditional wedding but didn’t get registered officially because the woman said that were some problems with the woman’s household registration. Following her marriage, she gave excuses that she needed to return to her hometown as she dearly missed her family.

In the month of March, the man across a video clip of a woman who looked exactly like his wife getting married to another man while surfing social media. So he decided to visit the place where the wedding happened in order to know the truth.

It was when he was shocked to know that the woman whom he saw in the video was actually his wife. The man immediately decided to file a police complaint.

When the police probed the case, they learnt that 19 more men who were searching for wives were tricked into the marriage scam. The majority of the victims were from rural areas. Overall, they were deceived by more than 2 million yuan (Rs 2.28 crore), senior officials in Inner Mongolia said last week.