Acting tips for video makers: how to cry like real in just 10 seconds?

Acting is the technique of using words and gestures to evoke a reaction from an audience, usually within the context of a fictional story. Acting is defined as the action of pretending to be someone or something else.

Here’s a common question why do we cry? Crying is our very first reaction upon arriving in this world. All human beings cry because we want the world to know we’re only human and we all have genuine feelings.

By crying, we express our deepest emotions of dissatisfaction, yearning, grief and sometimes even happiness. Here are some tips on how to make yourself cry like there’s no tomorrow: 

Recollect a sad event from your past:

This is the most painful but the most effective one. Just think of the saddest moment in your life and emotional tears will be pouring down your face. Recalling the sad things that happened in the past like the loss of a loved one, a personal tragedy, break-ups, etc., it will make you cry again.

Open your eyes wide and don’t even blink:

Normally, when we blink, our eyes lubricate themselves because in that way they are cleaning themselves. So, when you keep your eyes open for as long as you humanly can, they will stop lubricating.

Once you close them, you allow for your tear ducts to moisturize your dry eyeballs. Naturally, once you start blinking again, your eyes will create an excessive amount of water—you’ll start crying.

Trust the power of onions:

We all have experienced this in our life. Once you start chopping an onion, it will cause a flood of tears. This is because onions consist of an enzyme that releases when we start chopping. This produces some other chemical and when it comes into contact with our eyes, it makes us cry like little babies.

Use eye drops:

Eye drops contain saline that instantly provokes tears. All you need to do is pour a few drops into your eyes and that’s it.

Gently rub your eyes:

Simply place your pointer finger on one of your pupils. It will undoubtedly irritate your eyes which will make you cry a little bit. If you include deep breaths and sobbing sounds, your crying scene will be more convincible.

Listen to sad music or watch a sad movie:

Music affects us in many ways. It can help us be creative while we’re writing something, it can relax us, it can help get rid of rage or it can make us cry. If you’re not the music type, watching a sad movie should be a good substitute, although watching a movie is definitely more time-consuming than simply listening to a song.

Read something sad:

You must have read something that made you feel sad for a particular person or thing. It could be a confession, sad love story, missing puppy or something else. This one is practical because you can always Google it and you can find your own type of sad story which will provoke empathy and your eyes to tear up.

If you are an actor or a model, you probably already have a motto that reads ‘practice makes perfect’.  

The same is true for this particular situation. Fake crying is something you can master with time and determination.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.