Meet Bhargsetu Sharma, be it Humans or Animals- she rescues all living beings on Earth

A 23-year-old guy by the name of Badal would have faced death in his early age itself as he almost drowned in Mahisagar River near Rasalpur. But thanks to NCC cadet who, from the city, came to the rescue at the right place, at the right time to save Badal’s life. Had it not been for timely assistance, the story could have been a different one altogether.

NCC cadet, named Bhargsetu Sharma, who is an animal rescuer, had gone to Rasalpur for an excursion with her rescue team. Being avid swimmer, when Sharma was crossing the river, she heard people shouting from the riverbank that two boys had drowned.

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“A local boy jumped into the river and saved one of them, but Badal was about to drown. I saw a family having a rubber tube and with the help of it I went into the deep waters and brought him out,” said Sharma, who had recently done with her graduation in zoology from MS University.

Sharma said when Badal, who lives on Waghodiya Road, was brought out, he was not at all breathing after which, his heart beats had stopped.

“I gave him CPR for a few minutes and tried to unlock his jaws using my hands,” she said, adding that after several attempts he gained consciousness. “But I had to keep slapping him so that he would not become unconscious again,” Sharma said.

Digging a bit deep about Bhargsetu Sharma, she is 21 years old from Vadodara, Gujarat. She loves animals and pets and takes utmost care of them on a daily basis. She is running an organization to rescue animals. What started as a team of 8 people has now turned into 80 people who are doing their job with full satisfaction.

Bhargestu Sharma is an NCC ‘C’ Certificate Holder and has performed extremely well during 3 years of NCC Training. Bhargsetu secured first place in Senior Wing Category and was awarded National Cadet Corps. Hailing from Gujarat, she is making her city proud by her achievements in life.

Sharma’s dream is to join the Indian Army. She told TOI that coincidentally on the same morning she received rescue instructions from her officials in NCC which proved to be timely assistance in rescuing the man.  Be it animals or humans, she saves everyone in need, runs FB page “Humans with humanity”