What happens when you push your nose for 10 seconds, quickly check out the answer

Lots of people all over the world spend tons of money on cosmetic surgery to get a perfectly shaped nose.

These surgeries are expensive and may have unexpected complications. Unfortunately, very few people know that they can change both the shape of their nose and its length with some really simple exercises.

Life is life, and human bodies can’t help changing as they age. The bones, muscles, and cartilage of your face bear the brunt of getting older as well. As a result, your facial features may change and your nose may start to look longer.

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Luckily, this exercise can help to shorten your nose, on top of that it will prevent the deterioration of the cartilage.

Position one of your index fingers on the tip of your nose. You may also gently pressing.

After that use your nose to press downward on your finger. Repeat this movement for approximately a minute and as many times a day is you can’t.

Carol Naji of the creator of face or size claims, that this exercise will not only make your nose shorter but will also make your nose looks straighter by lifting it’s dripping tip.

There’s one more variation of this exercise. Hold the bridge of your nose with your thumb, and index finger. Use the index finger of your other hand to push the tip of your nose aboard. The main part of this exercise involves your upper lip. You need to apply some force to pull it down. After a couple of seconds, you can release it this way. The tip of your nose will be repeatedly pressing against your index finger. Repeat this movement 10 to 15 times and then relax.

Try to do this exercise, as often as you can.

This set of exercises is perfect for those who keep complaining about the shape of their nose. Such a workout will help you to sculpt this body part, and make it look more elegant.

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Press the side of your nose with your index fingers, and forcefully breed out however trying not to apply too much force while doing this. Another way to shape your nose is to press on it from the side with your index finger, and start to flare your nostrils.

If you want to make your nose slimmer. This simple exercise will help you out, it’s kind of a variation of the previous work out.

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First of all shape your mouth in the form of an oval. Press your nostrils with your index finger, but don’t block the passage of air completely you need to be able to breathe through your nose.

Start to take deep breaths. player your nostrils while you’re doing this you should repeat this work out several times a day if you want to see results quickly.

If you aren’t happy with how sharp your nose is, you can try this exercise.

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Position your thumb and index finger on the side of your nose, with their help start to push your nose upward. If you want this exercise to work properly, you need to smile. While doing it try to repeat this movement 20 to 30 times, a day to reach the best results. But smiling, and pulling your toes upward, you will train and build the muscles on the sides of your nose. This prevents sagging and therefore makes the shape of your nose sharper.

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