NSA Ajit Doval celebrates his 76th birthday, Let’s wish him more success ahead

Today, Ajit Doval, the fifth & current National Security Advisor (NSA) to the Prime Minister of India, is celebrating his 76th birthday. Ajit Doval is a nightmare for Pakistan. He is like “Kohinoor Diamond” for India.

He is known as INDIAN JAMES BOND because he is the best Spy of India, his strategic vision and sharp mind has earned him this title. He has stunned the world several times with his remarkable strategies. Not just Pakistan but China is also afraid of his name.

He has served in Intelligence Bureau for many years. He hit the headlines after Surgical Strike against Pakistan, after which country began to call him as Mastermind of Surgical Strike. On his birthday, we would like to take you through his incredible story.

Doval was born in 1945 in the erstwhile United Provinces, now in Uttarakhand. On 30 May 2014, Doval was appointed as India’s fifth National Security Advisor. NSA Doval is not just a name but pride of the nation, he has done various incredible work in the national interest. He is completely dedicated to the nation. Keeping this fact in mind, PM Modi handed over the security of the Nation to him.

Ten months ago, tensions arose between India and Pakistan after the Indian Air Force conducted a massive airstrike in Pakistan, destroying many terror outfits and leaving around 350 terrorists dead.

The next day, Pakistan Air Force retaliated airstrike in India in which Indian pilot Abhinandan Varthaman was captured by the Pakistani Army. However, Abhinandan was released the next day by Pakistan. It was Ajit Doval who held talks with US Secretary of State and National Security Advisor to secure the release of the Indian pilot.

Let’s know some mind-blowing facts about NSA Doval:

  • In the year 1990, he went to Kashmir after President Rule was imposed there and persuaded militants like Kuka Parray to become counter-insurgents targeting hardline anti-India terrorists.
  • This set the way for state elections in Jammu and Kashmir in 1996. Doval managed to bring various separatists including Yasin Malik, Shabbir Shah Maulvi Farooq to the negotiation table. He played a crucial role in the merger of Sikkim with India in 1975.
  • He spent a long time with Mizo National Army in Burma and inside Chinese territory in the 1970s. He played a vital role in the termination of all 15 hijackings of Indian Airlines aircraft from 1971–1999. 
(Photo: financialexpress.com)
  • In June 2014, Doval played a crucial role in ensuring the secure return of 46 Indian nurses who were trapped in a hospital in Iraq. He served as Director of Intelligence Bureau from 2004–05.
  • In 1988, Doval was honoured with one of the highest gallantry awards, the Kirti Chakra, becoming the first police officer to receive a medal previously given only as a military honour. Doval became the youngest police officer to receive the Police Medal for meritorious service. After six years of his service in the police, he got this award (the norm is at least 17 years’ service).
  • NSA Ajit Doval, decision-maker & Indian James Bond, is standing like a wall to protect our National Interest. He always ensures our national interest
    through his incredible work. We should salute such a great personality who has dedicated his entire life to protect the national interest. “Jai Hind”. Wishing a very Happy Birthday to India’s James bond and praying for his long life.

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