Man drives Jaguar Car, gets his name in Ayushman scheme to get Govt benefits, got trolled on social media

Jaguar car price starts at Rs. 46.64 Lakh and goes up to Rs. 2.42 Crore. Currently, 4 Jaguar car models are available for sale in India and the price of the car in India is around Rs 66 lakh.

You will be perplexed to know that there is a man in India who has one of the most expensive cars “Jaguar”, but does not have money for the treatment. The family members have got their name registered in Ayushman Bharat Yojana list to avail the benefits of health insurance scheme.

The family runs a business with annual turnover of lakhs. The incident occured in Kadipur tehsil of Sultanpur, the parliamentary constituency of senior BJP leader Maneka Gandhi. However, the CDO said that the investigation will be launched into the matter and action will be taken accordingly.

According to the information, there are dozens of such families in Kadipur which are financially strong. They have their own big houses worth millions. Even after this, the benefit of the government’s Ayushman scheme is being given to such family members.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Ayushman Bharat, world’s largest government-funded healthcare scheme that aims to provide healthcare facilities to over 10 crore families covering urban and rural poor.

Ranvijay Singh, a resident of Kadipur tehsil of Sultanpur, got his name registered in the Ayushman list of Kadipur region. He also got his family members registered in the list. It has been reported that Rannvijay Singh has his own Bajaj bike agency and his own complex in the town itself. They also have a luxurious Jaguar car.

The name of Maqbool Khan and his family members is also mentioned on the list. Maqbool Khan is one of the biggest traders. He has a grocery shop in his town. Apart from this, his house is being constructed at a cost of crores of rupees. The list includes names of rich people.

On this, District Chief Development Officer (CDO) Atul Vats said that people of both BPL and APL categories can take the advantage of Ayushman Yojana. When the CDO was asked whether people having luxury vehicles and living in crores of houses can also take advantage of the scheme, he said no.

He said that since it is survey data and the survey is not always 100% accurate. Therefore, there may be errors in the data. However, an investigation is underway to find out how the scam happened.

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