Girlfriend leaves and gets engaged, 22-yr-old commits suicide live on Facebook

In a heart-wrenching incident, a 22-year-old resident of the Agra district ended his life by committing suicide as he was heartbroken over his girlfriend’s engagement to someone else. He had also live-streamed his suicide via his Facebook profile.

The deceased identified as Shyam Sikarwar alias Raj had visited a temple in the Raybha village in the Agra district and then hung himself in the temple premises early on Saturday morning.

To make matters worse, he live-streamed the suicide act as many of his friends watched him hang himself on video. He had also told many of them in his circle that he was going to take an extreme step.

In the 4-minute video uploaded to Facebook, Shyam Sikarwar told the police to not hold anyone responsible for his demise. He then pleaded with his family members to upload pictures of his body online.

Credits: India Today

In addition to the video appeal, Sikarwar also wrote a four-page long suicide note, saying sorry to his family and also requesting them to donate his organs.

“I miss her and can’t live without her. I can’t bear the fact that she is getting married to someone else. The stress of losing her has affected me so much that I lost my job,” Sikarwar wrote in his final suicide note. He had also lost his job in a Gurgaon-based factory.

Police officers addressed the media that Sikarwar’s body was found hanging in the temple as notified by the locals.

The police came to know that Sikarwar was unemployed and in depression as the girl he loved was marrying someone else.

While IndiaToday was filing this copy, the heart-wrenching video of the suicide had been removed and Sikarwar’s Facebook profile had been deactivated.