While most of news channels are ringing with Farmers’ protest, India’s son dies for Nation

In heartbreaking news, Commander Nishant Singh, who had been missing since Thursday after his MiG-29K crashed into the Arabian Sea, was found dead. While one pilot was rescued, Commander Nishant Singh was missing. While most of the news channels are ringing with farmers’ protest, an Indian Navy MiG-29 pilot sacrificed his life for the Nation

Very few would know this person who lost his life in a MiG 29K fighter that crashed into the Arabian Sea off the coast of Goa. We totally forgot about this news as Half of the country’s population is busy protesting against farm bills, staging dharna. No one is worried about the Indian Navy MiG-29 pilot who was missing since 26 November. 

Nishant Singh got married in May this year. His dead body was found near Goa’s beach yesterday. But no one cares that a young pilot of the country is martyred while protecting the country.

About seven months ago, Commander Nishant Singh had sought his senior’s “permission to bite the bullet” and “willingly sacrifice” himself in “absolute peacetime”.

The letter written on May 9 has resurfaced on social media after his MiG-29K trainer aircraft crashed. In his humour-laden letter, Commander Nishant Singh expressed “regret to be dropping this bomb” at a short notice.

“I intend to drop a nuclear one on myself and I realise that just like all the split second decisions we take up in the air in the heat of combat, I cannot afford to allow myself the luxury of time to re-evaluate my decision,” he wrote talking about his prospective marriage.

Using air combat jargon and comparing it to his courtship, Commander Nishant Singh wrote, “On successful completion of three years of extensive SCTT (Survivability and Compatibility Testing Trials), Miss Nayaab Randhawa and I have come to a mutual agreement that we might actually be able to get through the rest of our lives together, without killing each other.”

As per the tradition, young officers have to seek the approval of their COs to get married. However, the letter titled “permission to bite the bullet” went viral for its wits.

“I assure you that even my best efforts of trying to follow my instrument readings were not able to help me recover from the trance of this Spatial Disorientation. I hope you shall find it in your heart to forgive this reckless, evidently suicidal and an absolutely amateurish blunder of a manoeuvre on my part I promise to never repeat such a performance in air or teach it to my trainee pilots.”

The letter ended with the young pilot extending an invitation to his senior to “witness the massacre and pay condolences to the couple”. Signing off, he wrote, “Used to yours but now, Her’s faithfully.”

Giving his approval, the Commanding Officer wrote, “Saw the spark in you and always knew you were different.”

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