Ten times the discovery channel has lied to us, details inside

We have seen several TV channels stooping so low to increase the TRP. These channels create a dramatic story or false evidence in order to deceive the viewers. They make a fabricated story only to attract the audience and are least bothered about telling the truth whatsoever.

In this article, we will expose Discovery channel and the times they lied to you to gain TRP. Briefing about Discovery Channel, it is an American multinational pay television network and flagship channel which is owned by Discovery, Inc, a publicly traded company operated by CEO David Zaslav.

The Discovery Channel shows all things related to science, technology, nature, and more. This channel might seem like it is telling the truth for people. But you never know what happens behind the scenes. The Discovery Channel has lied to us many times.

Megalodon does not exist anymore

Megalodon, a show which aired on discovery channel during shark week, revealed that the giant shark beast, megalodon could grow up to 60 feet long and possessed a sharp dental structure comparatively similar to that of a t-rex.

However the species was extinct million years ago, but the discovery channel kept claiming that the shark is immortal and is feeding on people off the coast of South Africa. Despite airing the show for three years, there was a huge public outcry, and a massive drop in the ratings, for fake documenting an extinct species and discrediting shark week as a whole.

Aquatic apes are not real

Aquatic apes never existed and mermaids did not evolve from aquatic apes, because they too are fictional and not real. Many critics questioned the authenticity of the 2012 programme, Mermaids, the body found, which depicted mermaids as natural entities, only to damage the reputation of the Discovery Channel as a scientific institution for children and society.  

Grylls spent nights in luxury hotels and not in nature

Popularly known for ‘man vs wild’, famous explorer Bear Grylls was often seen living in extreme natural conditions, enduring harsh climate adversities, crossing rough terrains and mountains, and eating larvae, snakes, and bugs. According to a report from the telegraph, Grylls lived in luxury hotels if the shooting was wrapped before time.

Anacondas don’t fancy human beings

In 2014, the Discovery channel launched another show, eaten alive, featuring Paul Roselia being eaten by a huge anaconda on national television. The show was disgusting to watch, despite Paul being in a high tech suit, only to break his arm and the poor anaconda tortured for hours.

Illegal street racing was approved by Oklahoma cops

‘Street Outlaws’ featured on discovery channel promoted illegal, dangerous, and real street driving stunts which at times proved fatal and gravely injurious to the participants.  Such irresponsible demonstrations were in fact, approved by the law enforcement of Oklahoma city. The police officers would deliberately shut down neighborhoods and highways for filming racing scenes and fill their pockets.

Voodoo Sharks, seriously?

Jonathan David, a marine biologist was very excited when invited to shark week. To his utter disbelief, he found out that his team was catching sharks out of the water and the director even asked him to get bitten by one of the sharks. The horror does not seem to end there; Jonathan was later projected as a tough believer in Rookins, a mystical shark, and the show was later named Voodoo sharks!

Amish mafia was staged

Apparently, the discovery channel decided to make a show on the Amish mafia and it was hilarious! Amish Mafia was reckoned as a bunch of cool people, breaking into houses, shooting at car windows, and smashing whatever laid in their hands. However, the scenes were an enactment as it was completely ridiculous why anybody would commit crimes on television.

Deadliest catch forged a storm

The 2008 show deadliest catch featured a big Alaskan crab fishing boat experiencing a monstrous storm that hit the sea. They perfectly survived the catastrophe, but Hollywood reporters argued that the show was documented in September but the storm did not hit until late October, creating confusion among the viewers.

Goldrush was an utter disappointment

The show is all about the day to day lives of gold mining families, but the portrayal is far away from reality. Former crew member,  Jimmy Dorsey explained that the show was entirely scripted, with the crew members fighting intentionally to build more drama and intensity. Even Dorsey exiting from the show was carefully preplanned by the producers.

Alaskan Bush People were a bunch of hoaxes!

Alaskan bush people presented themselves as rough and tough, unflinching nature people who lived far away from the city in the desolate wild north. However, reports said that the Brown family’s residence was located practically quite close to the highway and a pizza place.

The brown family has also alleged that their house was set on fire by the government, which was again highly doubtful as there was no factual proof that the brown family lived there or their cabin was set ablaze.

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