After fight with husband, woman throws away baby from building

Domestic violence and extramarital affairs are increasingly common in India. Though domestic violence or intimate partner violence and extra-marital affairs is a worldwide problem, India is the most dangerous country in the world for women according to a survey carried out by Thomson Reuters.

According to the 2014 study in The Lancet, the reported sexual violence rate in the country is among the lowest in the world. However, considering the large population of the country means that violence affects 27.5 million women over their lifetimes.

As per National Family and Health Survey in 2005, overall lifetime prevalence of domestic violence was 33.5% and 8.5% for sexual violence among women aged 15–49. In all the cases, only women are being badly affected by men. Domestic abuse can be in any form of physical, emotional and sexual violence.

A 1999 study observed that domestic abuse was recordedin five districts of northern India during 1995–1996. The study further added that domestic abuse ranged from 18% to 45% in those five districts.

In a shocking incident, mother threw away her 14-day-old newborn baby from the third-floor building after a tussle fight with her husband. The heart-wrenching took place in Fatehnagar area of Hyderabad in Telangana. The baby died on the spot. The 27-year-old woman by the name of Lavanya has been ‘booked on charges of murder (Section 302)’.

After fight with husband, woman throws away baby from building
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SHe is yet to be arrested by the police as she is recovering after delivery. It has been learnt that on October 29, the woman attempted suicide after she consumed poison. However, she survived after her family took her to the hospital.

She gave birth to a baby boy the following day as per a report in Times of India. Meanwhile, the woman’s family lodged a complaint against her husband Venu Gopal. He works as a software professional, at Sanathanagar police station.

The Hyderabad police had booked Venu for ‘domestic violence and abetment to suicide’. The woman got married to him four years ago but their relationship was not so good. The couple failed to understand each other even after several counselling sessions. They also has a 3-year-old son.

Lavanya is living at her parents’ house after she was discharged from the hospital. The clueless woman threw her child from the third-floor building of her parents’ house which eventually led to the demise of the baby on the spot.

Later, Lavanya’s brother informed Venu about the death of the newborn. Venu lodged a police complaint alleging that it was his wife who murdered the newborn after several disputes and fights with him.