Balwan of Galwan: The 23 year old Sikh who kept killing the Chinese till he fell

Gurtej Singh of 3rd Punjab Regiment’s ‘Ghatak Platoon’ had fortified the ambushed warriors of sixteenth Bihar regiment at Galwan valley on the night of 15 June. This is the astounding story of ‘chotaphai Gurtej’.

As the furious third ‘Ghataks’ and the Sikh heavy weapons specialists of Medium Arty regiment hurried into the battle with next to no an ideal opportunity to design and plan on that Monday evening in the pleasant yet blooded Galwan Valley , they were just conveying their standard kirpan and a combinations of sticks, bars and sharp blades.

Individual contenders review Gurtej being assaulted by four Chinese troopers. The solid Sikh, yelling his ‘Bole So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal’ calls to arms in a loud thunder, swung cycle two of them and as two others attempted to nail him down, he hauled every one of them four towards the precipice.

“Every one of the four Chinese were flung to death yet Gurtej lost his equalization and slipped, yet was stuck in a stone, consequently staying away from a free fall. Gravely harmed in the neck and head, Gurtej rewrapped his turban and in a cruel exertion pulled himself once again into the battle,” said a military source citing a kindred contender. Gurtej sliced some Chinese with his kirpan before he could grab a sharp weapon from a Chinese trooper.

“That one as well as seven other Chinese warriors died on account of Gurtej before one wounded him from behind. Indeed, even as he went down, he cut his executioner with his kirpan,” said the military source.

Toward the finish of the wicked battle, Gurtej lay dead however so were the 12 Chinese executed by them. As is commonly said, ‘Ik Akali Sikh sawa lakh de barabar” (an Akali Sikh is on a par with 1,25,000)

Gurtej’s body was hauled back by the enduring ‘Ghataks’. Knowing the Sikhi convention, most likely his glad guardians will have tears in their eyes for him — yet a greater number of tears of pride than tears of distress.

Gurtej Singh, the most recent martyr in an immensely packed pantheon of Sikh legends beginning from Banda Bahadur, is a Shaheed India is yet to know however will always remember once it did.

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