Story of an Ordinary Milk-man, he started working with ₹13k, now turnover is ₹5400 Crore

As we know that India is primarily an agricultural country and two-thirds of its population depends on agriculture. Despite this truth, the young among the farming communities are hardly interested in agriculture. Even a majority of students who graduate from agricultural universities switch over to other professions. Every year, a large number of the population migrate to big cities from their villages in search of jobs. While youths are exploited in the city, on the other hand, many people have to struggle hard in search of jobs for months.

RG Chandramogan’s story is one that needs to be told to give enough motivation for the people who think that the scope for agriculture graduates has decreased in the agriculture field.

Chandramogan was born in Thiruthangal in Sivakasi to a Nadar family. In 1970, RG Chandramogan started his business with just Rs 13,000, is today a Rs 5,400 crore empire, this is one of the most inspirational stories. Let’s take a look at how RG Chandramogan touched the pinnacle of success from a dairy company.

A resident of Thiruthangal in Virudhunagar district, Chandramogan started his venture when he was a 21-year-old chasing his dreams. He dropped out of his school owing to the financial constraints, and his family went to the extent of selling all their property to start a business, quite a leap of faith. In 1970, he rented out a 250-sqft space in Royapuram with three employees. The first 10 years of starting up meant exploring conventional spaces of reaching out to possible customers.

In the very first year, the company made an annual turnover of Rs 1,50,000 which fuelled their engines. In 1986, the brand found its name Hatsun Agro Product. They eventually nullified the existence of any middlemen between the farmers and the firm, and cut costs by building a tiny factory-cum-sales outlet. Today, the company operates from its three million-sqft office and employs around 8,000 people.

Arun Ice Creams is widely popular in South India as it is made with real milk and cream.  It has over 70 flavours and combinations. Over the last few years, Chandramogan has expanded his business to such a great extent that has made him one of the best Indian Billionaires.

In an interview with Sify, He said he likes playing badminton and has won veteran’s championship for two years. He also loves reading books. Today, Chandramogan has written a new success story for himself in his chapter for his tremendous success of his company which has an annual turnover of Rs 5,400 crore.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.