Political Party criticizes “Women” for causing flash floods after they entered Sabarimala

Kerala is constantly fighting the worst floods ever in 90 years that led to 20,000 crore loss, something which is hard to imagine. Celebrities, common people are doing their best to donate money for the flood relief work.

The Hindu Makkal Katchi (HMK) which is a right-wing Hindu nationalist party in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu sparked a new controversy by connecting Kerala floods to women’s entry into Sabarimala temple. They believe that women have crossed the line and they blame that women are the main reason for this disaster.

Credits: Times Of India Screengrab

The party’s district president Prabhakaran stressed the fact that the leaders’ opinions of several political parties and the court backing the entry of women into Sabarimala temple were the reason behind the Kerala flood.

Prabhakaran also suggested Kerala government to frame a new rule in the legislative assembly against women’s entry to the Sabarimala temple and revise it to the Supreme Court. “We believe that Kerala would not have faced such a devastating situation if it would have supported the ban on women’s entry into Sabarimala temple as per Devaswom board’s decision,” Prabhakaran added according to the New Indian Express.

Describing the act of Hindu Makkal Katchi functionaries as irrational, Kasinathadurai, the district secretary of CPI (M) said, “Since the functionaries basically follow the ideology of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), they were supporting a patriarchal form of society and are opposing the women’s entry into Sabarimala temple. “Whatever happened in Kerala is a natural disaster and it has nothing to do with women’s entry into a temple,” he added.

Instead of finding alternative methods to help the sufferers, they planned to play the blame game. According to them, allowing women inside the Sabarimala temple angered the gods and which is why it caused rains and flash flood.

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