Man arrested for killing Leopard, eating its meat in Kerala, State with the 100% literacy rate

There is no doubt that poor animals have been experiencing immense torture by human beings who think he is the only living being to enjoy the resources, freedom and many more on Earth.

Man can do anything tight from rearing a bird or an animal to slaughtering it for his own table purpose. But, he doesn’t realise that animals too deserve freedom and everything they want.

The voiceless creatures end up getting trapped at the hands of the evil humans who are greedy enough to kill them, eat them and make money out of them. This is because the so-called other living beings cannot protest against the killings or the discrimination against them.

Meanwhile, a unique case has emerged from Mankulam, a small town in Idukki District where five men allegedly killed a leopard and ate the meat of it.

(Credits: India Times)

The incident took place in Mankulam region of Idukki district on Friday.

The accused — Vinod, Kuriakose, Binu, Kunjappan and Vincent — were arrested by the Mankulam forest range officer based on inputs about their deeds.

Speaking to India Today TV, Mankulam range officer Udhaya Suriyan said one of the accused (Vinod) had kept a snare (a trap to hunt wild animals) around his house, which is located near a forest.

He said after the leopard got trapped in the snare, Vinod and others killed the animal. They then cooked and consumed its meat, the officer said.

He added that after consuming the leopard, the accused kept aside the animal’s teeth, nails and skin, as they wanted to sell them.

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