“Enough is Enough, we have proceeded with legal action against comedian Surleen Kaur, and company”, Says ISKCON

In a shocking development, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) has registered a police complaint against actress-comedian Surleen Kaur for making a derogatory remark against Hindu faith during a stand-up act. Kaur tried to defame Hindu community through her act called ‘Kamasutra Sahi Hai’.

The video, which was published by Shemaroo entertainment company on social media and YouTube channel, went viral like wildfire. In the video, Surleen Kaur was seen saying, “Beshak hum sab ISKCON wale hain, par andar se sab harami porn wale hain..” While the video was published a month ago, it has been creating controversy on social media since last few days.

ISKCON also filed a complaint against the entertainment company Shemaroo for publishing “inappropriate content on YouTube and social media. Her disrespectful remark against Hindus has come at the wrong time which has left people from the Hindu community ‘extremely furious’.

Several Hindu people have literally set social media on fire after they had turned down the defamatory content made by Surleen Kaur.

ISKCON Vice President and spokesperson Radharamn Das, took to Twitter to raise a complaint against Kaur and Shemaroo. “Dear Sir @CPMumbaiPolice. Pls find our complaint against Surleen Kaur & @ShemarooEnt for using inappropriate words for ISKCON, for our Rishis, Hindus. This is very unfortunate that there has been narrative building against the followers of Sanatan Dharma on different platforms,” read his tweet.

Das further wrote, “there is a growing trend in India, where Hindus/ Sanatan Dharma and our Rishi-Munis, Deities, etc are being constantly abused by a group of people and organizations,” adding that this is being done to “manipulate the youths.”  The decision to lodge a complaint was made after the video went viral on social media recently.

Following the complaint, the production company issued an unconditional apology to the ISKCON community on the controversial remark and immediately took the offensive video down.

“This is with regards to the video that has been brought to our notice featuring comedian Ms. Surleen Kaur. The video was found derogatory and the same has been taken down with immediate effect. Shemaroo is committed to ensure our content is neutral and unbiased towards any religion, caste, creed or culture. We apologize to all brothers and sisters of the Iskcon community whose sentiments we might have unintentionally hurt. We extend our assurance that such matters will be dealt meticulously and with extreme sensitivity,” said Shemaroo Entertainment in a statement they tweeted on social media.

Well, this is not the first time that someone has made a derogatory statement against Hindus. Many a time such derogatory remarks have been made against Rishis and Hindus. This is why ISKCON came forward to file a complaint against Surleen Kaur and Shemaroo and demanded quick action from the police administration for the same.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.