When girlfriend refused to marry, Boy constructed a heart-shaped hand-pump at her home

The whole world is in a state of shock after the novel coronavirus pandemic impacted lakhs of people’s lives. The speed with which corona is spreading seems unstoppable.

Coronavirus is a hot potato in many countries across the world which is spreading exponentially across the world and is bent upon killing human beings, eliminating them.

Dark clouds loomed large over India as the number of COVID-19 cases is exponentially increasing. It has put the entire world in a lockdown as there is no antidote of this disease so far.

There have been around 50,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in India so far, including 1,700 deaths. So far 14,183 people have recovered from the coronavirus pandemic.

Amid the lockdown which was imposed to prevent the spread of the epidemic, which has claimed more than lakhs of people’s lives, When the girlfriend refused to marry, Boy constructed a heart-shaped hand-pump at her home.

(Credit: navbharattimes.indiatimes.com)

Many people have utilized their time by inventing new things at home. People have learnt to juggle amid shutdown

, they are making the most of lockdown. Pictures of innovative things have gone viral on the internet. Someone has shared a photo of Garlic bread. He shared the image with the caption, “Garlic Bread, Follow me for more recipes”.

In another photo, vegetables have been chopped with the fan, while Someone has made a hairdryer of the cooker at home and it works in such a way that if the air passes through the cooker it will heat up hair. People have made amazing paintings by using green chili since the lockdown

(Credit: navbharattimes.indiatimes.com)

Someone has made sound speakers which are equivalent to hall speakers in terms of sound quality. Since India is seeing the shortage of face masks due to COVID-19 outbreak, many people have begun to make face masks at home.

So, we got to see many surprising things during the shutdown. Pictures of these innovative things are circulating on social media and attracting millions of people. 

Unfortunately, for now, there is no vaccination or cure available to help patients recover the deadly disease. So it is advised to take all possible precautions. People should avoid the area where coronavirus infection has been reported. Make sure that you keep yourself away from those who have coronavirus symptoms.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.