Shoaib Akhtar requests PM Modi to provide 10,000 ventilators to his country

Former Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Akhtar has recently sought help from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to provide 10,000 ventilators to Pakistan in the time of crisis. In a recent video posted on his YouTube channel, Shoaib Akhtar can be seen appealing to India that India should give 10,000 ventilators to Pakistan. 

Everyone is well aware of the fact that the entire world is going through a bad patch and Pakistan has not been spared by this pandemic. When the world’s most powerful country the US is battling the deadly coronavirus and unable to bring the situation under control, there would probably be dire consequences in Pakistan.

It is not hidden to anyone that Pakistan, at the moment, is seeing the shortage of face masks. In Pakistan, Hospitals and healthcare facilities are struggling to cope with the daily inflow of patients and lack of beds, equipment like ventilators in the time of crisis.

After taking into account all situations, Rawalpindi Express made a request to PM Modi that if India provides 10,000 ventilators to Pakistan in this hard time, Pakistan will always be grateful to India.

Talking to PTI, Rawalpindi Express asked for India’s help, seeking the supply of 10,000 ventilators to assist Pakistan’s crippled medical infrastructure. In Islamabad, the situation is volatile as more than 7,000 coronavirus cases have been reported while at least 135 have died from the infection.  “If India can make 10,000 ventilators for us, Pakistan will remember this gesture forever. But we can only propose the matches. The rest is up to the authorities (to decide),” said Shoaib.

This is not the first time Shoaib Akhtar has caught everyone’s attention, earlier, he urged people to assist each other rising above religion and economic status. He also expressed his desire that a three-match ODI or a T20I series between India and Pakistan must be held behind closed doors which can raise millions of dollars of funds to help both the countries to battle coronavirus pandemic

Akhtar said he knows that the relationship between the two nations is complex and largely hostile. However, he said now is the time for both the countries to think above the petty fights and differences, both Asian countries should think above Hindu and Muslims and only think about saving human lives and coming out of this difficult situation.

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