There’s already a cure for Corona Virus in class 11th Zoology book, page 1072: A Facebook post claims

Everyone is well aware of the coronavirus outbreak which has spread over 150 countries across the world. By far, the virus has affected over 3 lakh people globally and the global death toll has risen to at least 14,000.

COVID-19 has created an atmosphere of fear in the world. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak as a ‘pandemic’.

So far, there have been more than 400 confirmed cases of the virus in India as per the health ministry.

As the world continues to fight the growing number of coronavirus-positive cases, doctors are still trying their best to find a complete cure to combat the fast-spreading disease.

Meanwhile, a cure for coronavirus has been found in a Zoology book. Doctors have been searching for the vaccine for COVID 19 ever since it was detected, but a Facebook post claims that there is already a cure for Coronavirus in class 11th Zoology book, page 1072. According to the facebook page, the treatment for coronavirus is given in the intermediate Zoology book.

The viral picture of the book has left people in awe. (Book- Zoology, Author- Dr. Ramesh Gupta, page no-1072), the Facebook post is doing rounds on social media. Many people believe that this book includes an effective cure for COVID-19.

This is not a new disease. The scientist who wrote about this disease had also written about its treatment. Doctors and scientists are so busy in finding an effective vaccine for COVID-19 that they forget to pay attention to small books, but now an intermediate Zoology book has helped doctors in finding a cure for the disease.

It is believed that the vaccine mentioned in the book can effectively treat the disease. It may work effectively for patients who are suffering from coronavirus. This vaccine is believed to be very effective to cure the dangerous virus as no medicine is available for COVID-19 at present.

Amid the worldwide panic over the novel coronavirus, Now the infections caused by the virus can be treated. TheYouth requests everyone to share this news with as many people as possible. It will help affected people to recover from the disease.

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