Watch Video: Pastor baths in Church, asks Church people to drink his Holy Bathwater

In a weird turn of events, a pastor took bath in Church and then asked the Church members to drink his holy bathwater. The video of which is doing the rounds on social media platforms while inviting the wrath of netizens.

The sparked up mixed reactions on the internet circle. According to the video, the Ghanaian pastor who was spotted in his boxers took a dip in a barrel filled with water in the church. Nonetheless, just moments after speaking to his church members, they were spotted lining up only to drink from a cup filled with his bathwater.

Local news media platforms had reported that the Pastor notified his members that God had instructed him to pull off the act. According to him, anyone who drinks from his holy bathwater will seek blessings.

Though the time when the incident occurred was not quickly available, the name of the church was however given as ‘Endtime Church Of Nation’.

Watch the video to get clarity on the incident:

Angry woman knocks priest off the stage as he said “Fat Women won’t go to Heaven”

Usually, in the holy place, a priest performs ceremonies while worshipers pray to the almighty. However, i

Usually, in the holy place, a priest performs ceremonies while worshipers pray to the almighty. In the process, a priest in the church uttered a statement and after which, he was knocked off the stage by a woman.

Yes, a woman jumped on stage and rushed to knock the priest off the platform because the priest said something which annoyed the woman. The whole incident was caught on camera. The video is now doing the rounds on the internet.

As per the reports, the woman was listening from the audience but lost her cool completely when the priest said ‘fat women don’t go to heaven.’

According to the reports, priest Marcelo Rossi is a popular religious figure, a priest in the Catholic community of Canção Nova in Brazil.

The majority of Brazil’s population is Roman Catholic and Rossi is one of the country’s most famous priests.

The incident left the worshipers in complete shock as they couldn’t believe their own eyes as the incident happened rapidly on the stage. There were around hundreds of worshipers who were seen standing up from their seats the second priest fell down from the stage floor.

The incident happened during a religious event in Cachoeira Paulista, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

After the priest was pushed, Rossi said: “Don’t worry, I’m fine, just some mild pain. That’s normal, nothing’s broken. Amen.”

After the terrible incident, the priest did not make any such a controversial statement. The video which captured the incident shows how masses were left shocked after observing the unexpected scene.

Later, the woman’s friends notified the police that she had mental health issues.

Rossi, later, continued from where he left off with the sermon after the woman got arrested, the church informed on Twitter.

A statement read: ‘The father has suffered an attack during mass. We pray for him. ‘Fortunately, the religious man has not suffered considerable injuries and was able to continue with the mass.’

The priest escaped from injuries and did not file any charges on the woman and she was later released.

“The priest is well. He was attended by the medical staff at the event and presided over the celebration to the end,” a statement released by Canção Nova said.