Listen to this African girl Ayesha, her fluent Hindi will surprise you

Bollywood prominent actor Anupam Kher often shares videos of his fans on social media when he meets during his travels and his latest video went viral in which he met his female fan from Senegal who is good at speaking Hindi.

The actor was in New York’s Bellevue Hospital for a shoot for the US TV show New Amsterdam when he came across a lady named Ayesha, who claimed to be a big fan from Senegal. In his post, Kher said he was touched by her love and called it “best day” of his life.

Bollywood is very much prevalent across the world. Bollywood actors and actresses are making India proud and also earning huge respect from all over the world.

Internationally recognized and acclaimed actor suddenly met a Senegal citizen Ayesha who considers herself a big fan of him. This fan was very much excited when she met the actor. 

The surprising thing is that this fan speaks fluent Hindi. The conversation took place between this fan and Anupam Kher in Hindi. The actor asks if she remembers any of his movies, Ayesha tells him about the film Chaalbaaz where the role of protagonist was played by late actress Sridervi.

In the video, Ayesha said, “Main aapki bahut badi fan hoon (I am a big fan of yours)“. She spoke about how she couldn’t believe she was meeting the actor. It was like a dream come true for her. When Kher asked how she spoke Hindi so well, the young woman said that she learnt it watching Hindi movies. She also said, “My sister is admitted to the hospital and visiting time is going to be over”. Happiness could easily be seen on her face.

“Her honest emotions in pure Hindi touched the soul of my heart. She was so real. I will pray for her sister. Thank you Ayesha. This is the best day of my life too. And I love the magic of Hindi cinema. Jai Ho!” Anupam Kher wrote on the caption.

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