MP Govt hospital takes ₹700 bribe for postmortem, sends dead body on Bullock cart

No matter how bad the situation is, some people in this world wouldn’t hesitate to stoop to the lowest level to do something against the spirit of human values. In a recent incident that invited the wrath of the citizens, a government hospital in MP took a bribe for postmortem examination and then sent the dead body on Bullock cart.

One of the suicide victim’s family members had to pay a sum of Rs 700 to get a post-mortem and had to transport the body on a bullock cart for 10 km in Shahnagar tehsil. After the incident came to view, a probe was initiated after which, the class four employee, who took the bribe to facilitate the autopsy behind the scenes was suspended.

The deceased’s family added that a vehicle was not made available to them. Initially, they took the body on a bullock cart for the post-mortem on December 7 an then it was taken back for the funeral on the same cart.

“The to-and-fro journey was about 10 km long,” said Baldev Sahu, who is a brother of the deceased.

Meanwhile, the police understands that there was no hearse available in the tehsil when they wanted a post-mortem of the body. It has been learnt that a 23-year-old youth by the name of Govind in Amaa village of Shahnagar tehsil in Panna district had allegedly killed himself on December 7.

When Baldev and other family members carried the body on a bullock cart for the autopsy, a class four employee of the health department who prepared the body for the doctor to perform the post-mortem, demanded a bribe of Rs 700.

Baldev also alleged that he had even asked for a half bottle of alcohol which the former denied it in the first place. The chief medical and health officer of Panna identified as Dr LK Tiwaru told the media reporters that he had immediately suspended the employee. “This is a very unfortunate incident. I have also ordered an inquiry and the guilty will be punished.”