How to keep women safe in India while rapists think that women are their property?

In today’s era, the number of rapes and sexual assaults against women is increasing day by day. Rapists have become so monsters that they are not scared of the law. Maybe the law is not as stringent as it should be in our country. Due to which rape accused muster up the courage to commit a crime against women. All in all, rape accused are taking advantage of vulnerable law. The situation has become so worse that it’s trending in social media platforms with hashtag #rapecultureinIndia. 

Can we keep girls safe in India? Before we get into a debate, let’s understand why Women are not safe and what are flaws in our Judiciary from the statistics.

What are the actions that must be taken?

The government must make the law more stringent so that strict action can be taken against the Rape accused. FAST TRACK Courts announced in July are yet to be implemented.

Rape should not be tolerated:

There is a provision in the present law that if someone is proved to be a rape accused, he will be given a death penalty. But if the accused is under 12, he will not deserve the death penalty. But the accused is an accused, no matter how old he is. No action is taken against a Rapist if he is from a Rich/affluent family. Most cases are still pending. No action has been taken so far. Victims are still seeking justice. Most of the time rape cases are suppressed. As there is no strict law enforced, People know they can easily escape from law and order. There have been cases in which the Rapist has come out on bail and assaulted other women. And there have been cases where the rapist pleaded for mercy after a few years.

Proper Sex Education in schools:

Everyone learns from parents, teachers, and society. Whatever we learn in our Teenage becomes the foundation for the rest of our lives. So, proper etiquettes and sex education topics need to be covered by teachers in schools. Students should be made aware of the difference between wrong and right. Parents and teachers should take such responsibility in order to make a better society.

Ban of Rape porn videos:

What we see is what we inculcate in our minds. All forced/rape porn videos must be immediately banned.

Encourage the youth to join Police Services and Law:

India is a populated country with a 130 crore population. With this huge population, it becomes difficult to solve many pending cases at the earliest and ensure the safety of citizens.

Do not vote for ministers who make disgusting comments or statements on women “women should not go out at night and not wear particular kinds of clothes, it was her fault” You cannot justify someone’s lust.

The safety of Indian citizens must be the first priority for the government. Other projects are also important, but women’s safety must be at the top. 

Above mentioned points are for the people and government of our country. You can say that a girl should learn self-defense techniques and always follow her instincts. But you cannot expect the same from a 6 months old baby victim.

It is true that not all men are Rapists and not all men are bad. As much as women fear for their safety there are men who fear false accusations as well. Hoping India to be Safer for Men and Women soon.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.