Bride refuses to marry groom as Baarat arrives late, marries someone else instead

Who would have thought that reaching the venue late for one’s own wedding would cost a man his bride in the first place? A groom and his baarat in UP’s Bijnor were locked up and beaten up by the bride’s family. As per a report in The Times of India, the groom and his baarat alleged that the bride’s family ‘snatched’ their expensive items. On the contrary, the bride refused to go with the groom and rather, she married the local youth.

Police say that the couple had married in a mass wedding programme 6 weeks ago after which the bride did not go to the in-laws’ home as they wanted to marry in a ceremony with traditional wedding rituals.

Meanwhile, the bride’s family had alleged that the groom and his father demanded a bike and cash from them which they were unable to provide them. On the day of the wedding on December 4, the groom’s baarat that left their house at around 2 pm, started bargaining with the bride’s family on their way to the wedding venue.

They also threatened the bride’s family with serious consequences as they did not fulfil their demands. They reached the wedding venue at night, police said.

The groom’s baarat had alleged that they were held captive and taken in a room, beaten up by the bride’s family and reportedly took away some jewellery that was meant for the bride. As per police, both families approached the police and had registered complaints against each other. However, they reached a compromise in the end. But the bride didn’t want to go with the groom’s family and side filed complaints against each other.

Once the matter came to a close, the bride married a local youth from her village on Saturday and the wedding was held in the presence of the elders of the village.