Rapists got VIP security by police, served Curry for food, Why taxpayers money spent on rapists?

On the one hand, the rape case of Hyderabad has left the country in shock. Protests are being held in various parts of the country. On the other hand, rapists are being provided with VIP facilities in Jail. 

What about the victim who lost her life because of these monsters. What about the family members of the victim who are seeking justice. Needless to say, raping a girl or woman is a heinous crime. A rapist who takes the life of a woman should be given the death penalty instead of offering a lavish lifestyle. But in our country, rapists are being treated as a guest. Rapists in India are provided an air-conditioned room inside the Jail like Gurmeet Ram Rahim got VIP Treatment in Rohtak Jail. They are served delicious food like curry, non-veg, paneer, etc. This way, the taxpayer’s money is being misused by offering them all the luxurious lifestyles they never deserve.

People of India pay tax for development, education, infrastructure, etc. Tax is not for rape accused who rape and kill innocent girls and women and spread evil in society, they should rather be hanged to death. Today, it is common in India to see the word ‘rape’ in the news. Even the child girls are being abducted and brutally raped. Women do not feel safe in India because of rape monsters. On the other hand, rapists are enjoying a lavish lifestyle in our country? When rapists are put in jail they enjoy certain facilities. They never feel guilty over their crimes as they are leading a comfortable life even inside the jail. It does not make any difference to them if they are inside the jail because they get everything they need.

What is the need of providing VIP facilities to rapists when they themselves confess to the crime? Tax money could be used for other development rather than spending over rapists. Offering VIP facilities and keeping the accused in jail for a long time cost a lot and also consume time. The nation wants development and that can be possible only when tax money is used in the right direction. The administration should think about taxpayers before spending tax money on rapists. People are working day and night and paying taxes to contribute to the growth of the nation. but it appears that the administration is more interested in the luxury lifestyle than development.

If their need is fulfilled inside the jail, they will never realize their crime. And they will muster up the courage to repeat the crime. So, VIP facilities will ultimately lead rapists to commit one more crime. Providing luxury life to rapists means encouraging other monsters for committing one more crime against women in society. The government should put an end to VIP facilities for rapists. The administration should not be allowed to provide a luxury lifestyle to any rapist.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.