Drunk man dials 100 and orders Cops to get him Alcohol, check out the best tweets

Policemen have seen quite a lot of interesting as well as challenging cases over the years but little did they know that they would scratch their heads with confusion. Probably for the first time ever, policemen in Nagpur found themselves in a weird situation when a man dialled the police station asking cops to get him alcohol.

A video surfaced online shows a drunk man dialling the police emergency number 100 asking cops to get him alcohol as soon as possible is doing the rounds on all social media platforms. In the 1 minute 47-second video clip, the cop is asking the man named Sachin who hails from Kotar Town in MP, why he called up 100.

According to the video, the man can be seen ranting about the wine shop owner, who he claimed is his relative. The policeman shooting the video clip also asks him why he is under the influence of alcohol at 11 in the morning.

In the entire video, the man is seen constantly annoying the cop to provide him with alcohol.