Meghalaya lady doctor drives Ambulance and admits Pregnant woman safely to the hospital

When Meghalaya lady doctor learnt that a pregnant lady was desperately in need of assistance, she sprung into action and decided to offer much-needed help to her in the need of the hour by driving her in an ambulance from Garobadha PHC to Maternity and Child Hospital (MCH) Tura.

The pregnant woman had been admitted with some serious complications at Garobadha PHC Sangma’s workplace. But as there were no proper facilities of handling her at the PHC, the doctors planned to transfer her quickly to MCH Tura for medical treatment.

Credits: NorthastNow

With her health slowly going down, without wasting any time, the doctor immediately took her to the hospital in Tura.

This is when doctor Sangma became a saviour for the helpless pregnant lady as she worked beyond the call of duty to drive her to the hospital safely from the remote place in an ambulance.

In fact, the lady doctor was the only one at the hospital who truly lived up and helped the woman through and through. Hats off Sangma!