Story of depleted Farmer’s Son- who build a social platform for Indian citizens

When Manoj Pachauri, a depleted farmer’s son from Northern India harvested a dream, little did he know that his long-cherished “dream plant” would “sprout”, grow and eventually spread like a “house on fire” to spread the message of hope and redemption through the power of “stories” in mankind.

From humble beginnings 2 years ago, Manoj was able to build a robust social platform for a cause that span “stories” to bring people together.

At “Socio Story”, a social community platform, anyone can pick up a microphone and speak about his/her very own tale of innovation, creativity, leadership, education, grit, guts, suffering, gumption and glory. The campaign gave it all…“the man a microphone” and the “microphone” a “man”.

Manoj Pachauri led “Socio Story” was able to harness the strength of “storytelling” for a purpose; spinning stories after stories across the length and breadth of the country, recounted by people who were either victims, winners, deprived or denied. These speakers either sought a voice or had a message to share that forged belief, faith, confidence, courage, fortitude and triumph in society.

Using a pedestal of “Man and a Microphone” technique “Socio Story” has been able to create new blockchains amongst the less privileged, downtrodden, victimised and the winners who have woven their common interests in togetherness and are marshalling forward their causes and taking these issues at every doorstep to spread the news.

This movement has now gathered both momentum and steam. Increasing participation from Corporates, Campus, Neighbourhoods, Social Communities, NGOs and many more have bolstered the interests of # “Share your Story” campaign and are actively engaging to build the cause in all its positivity and character.