Indian Army, US Army Personnel Served ‘Langar’ By Sikh Volunteers During Military Exercise

Indian and American Army soldiers who were taking part in Exercise-“Yudh Abhyas” in America were served langar prepared by local Sikh volunteers.

“Sharing of cultural values create timeless affinities. Indian Army & US Army Soldiers were served langar prepared by local Sikh volunteers.

It was hosted at the Raptor facility on JBLM. The group has been part of the last three iterations in the US, providing traditional langar,” the Indian Army had mentioned a tweet on September 10.

“Guru ka Langar” was organised by the Sikh community to welcome the Indian contingent at Raptor dining facility on Joint Base Lewis – McChord.

This is the third year when it has been conducted. The overall strength of the Sikh community in Washington is around 4000. The langar included traditional food- roti, Sabji and Kheer both Indian and US army were all invited.

The US contingent itself has 9 Indian origin personnel.

The 15th edition of ‘Yudh Abhyas’, which is hosted alternately between the 2 nations

For the unversed, fourteenth edition of the exercise- Yudh Abhyas 2018, was hosted by India in Uttarakhand.

(With inputs from agencies)