Shameful: Pak doctor allegedly contaminates 900 kids with HIV by reusing ‘infected syringes’

Doctors are considered next to god and people strongly believe in that. Those who aspire to become a doctor, the first thing that they say is, “When I become a doctor, I would give free treatment to the patients or I would charge a minimal fee from poverty-stricken people.”

On the dark side, a Pakistani doctor identified as Dr Muzaffar Ghanghro earned a bad name by infecting kids with HIV by reusing infected syringes. As many as 900 children in the city have tested positive for HIV and senior authorities warn that these huge number could increase as not everyone has been tested yet.

Credits: EPS/AFP

For now, as many as 1,100 people have tested positive, and out of which 900 are children below the age of 12, out of the 2,00,000 that have been tested so far, as per The New York Times. All this had happened because of paediatrician Dr Muzaffar Ghanghro who reportedly charges 31 Pakistani rupees (Rs 14) used infected syringes.

He is among the cheapest doctors in the city and so the ones from the weakest sections of the city visit his clinic frequently.

For his wrongdoing, he was arrested and charged with negligence and manslaughter. In a strange turn of events, the paediatrician had claimed that he is innocent and has denied all accusations.

He has still not been convicted and reportedly is now working at a public hospital as a GP. Imtiaz Jalbani had 6 of his kids treated by the same doctor and added that he once saw him searching the bin for an old needle on his son (6), who was later diagnosed as HIV-positive.