30 ft Dinosaur worth ₹2Cr built to attract tourists to Statue of Unity is now gone

Every statue that is deemed valuable holds a significant meaning. There is no hiding to the fact that our country is in the grip of statue fever of late.

Of all the structures, the Statue of Unity was the one that gained too much attention from across India for its tallest structure, as it stands 182 metres, which is the tallest statue in the country.

It was designed and built-in 33 months at a whopping cost of Rs.2,989 crore.

While one would reckon that the gigantic statue needs no further introduction since it is known to be twice in size of the Statue of Liberty, the governing body officials thought something different and wanted to raise the standards for attracting tourists to this site.

So around a month ago, with an estimated budget of around Rs 2 crores, a 30 feet statue of a dinosaur was being built and installed in a bid to attract tourists to the ‘Statue Of Unity’. However, in just about a month, when it was not even near the finishing stage, the giant dinosaur fell down yesterday.


If only the government could find a better approach to use tax payers’ money, this economy could do well.