He left High Paying Jobs From Singapore, London- Studied 18 Hours, Tops IAS exam

Union Public Service Commission exam is a tough nut to crack. In a competitive world, where people sweat it out to give absolutely everything to crack the exam, only very few have touched the pinnacle of success. Some who fail to clear, would give up, whereas others with ‘never give up’ attitude try their hands a couple of times to pull off something spectacular.

Rajasthan’s Abishek Sharma secured 10th rank in UPSC exam (Credits: Hindustan Times Photo)

Abhishek Surana:

One of such kind is Abhishek Surana who hails from Bhilwara in Rajasthan. He did a remarkable job in finishing 10th in the 2017 civil services examination, results of which were declared on Friday. He said that he missed the “organized chaos” in India during the two years that he spent abroad after graduating from IIT, Delhi.

Surana is currently going through intense training at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy, Hyderabad. “When I was abroad, I longed for my country. I call the situation in India ‘organised chaos’ but it is still my country. Jaisa bhi hai, apna hai (no matter how it is, it is mine),” said the 27-year-old electrical engineer.

“After my IIT, I was recruited by Barclays Investment Bank in Singapore. I worked for the bank in London, before two friends and I founded a company and began working in Chile. It was during these two years that I was abroad that I realized that I wanted to be in India and do something for my people,” he said on telephone from Hyderabad.

Surana is a guy who never gave up despite things not going in favour. He fought against all odds and unlocked the achievement when he finished 10th in his third attempt in the exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). In the first attempt which he tried his hand in 2015, he didn’t qualify for the interview in stage 3 of the exam.

Following that year, he showed decent progress as he secured 250th rank and got into the Indian Police Service. He also appeared for the Indian Forest Service exams that year and got the all-India second rank but much to his interest, he had his eyes only on the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) as he decided to make another attempt in 2017.

Surana loves cooking and astrophysics to the core. Physics was his prime subject for the mains for the UPSC examination. Talking about his father Anil Surana, who is a proud lecturer of Physics at the government college in Bhilwara. Anil Surana was blissfully pleased as punch to hear a good news from his son that he secured 10th rank. “In the evening, I went out to buy vegetables and that’s when I got a call from Abhishek telling me that he got the 10th rank. The bag automatically dropped from my hand,” he said and cried first time, out of happiness.

Surana was very particular about choosing his own route map as he wanted to take potential risks before planning to settle down. “I wanted to take the risk in my life before deciding to settle down. If you settle down early in life, I feel you do injustice to your talent and to the vast sea of opportunities available to you,” he said.

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