Heart-touching: Pak hockey legend Mansoor Ahmed gets free heart transplant in India

There is no doubt that India has suffered a lot because of terrorists sent from Pakistan. Pakistan was separated on 14th of August, 1947 on religious line. The founding architects of Pakistan- religiously blind, demanded a separated land in the name of Islam. During separation, around 13 population went to Pakistan, but they took away 17% land. Morally they should return the extra 4% land  to India.

Since the very first day of its formation, Pakistan has been making attempts to capture Kashmir and make it an Islamic nation. It has thrown India into many wars- causing countless lives on both sides. But today something bizzare happened- Pakistan’s own legend player was ignored and he had to request india for help. And then India promptly offered to give all support.

Pakistan hockey legend Mansoor Ahmed (Credits: Times Now via BCCL)

The Story:

The 49-year-old Pakistan’s hockey legend Mansoor Ahmed was offered a free heart transplant in India, which goes to show that India always has a big heart even for an enemy country which has attacked 4 times and sent numerous terrorists to kill our citizens. A big thanks to Fortis Group of Hospitals that offered the treatment. The legend Pakistani hockey player, who won Pakistan a world cup, made a touching request to the Indian government to allow him a visa on medical grounds. As Pakistan government had refused to help its own legend in hours of difficulties.

The recovering former Pakistani hockey stalwart was aching for a heart transplant. He was advised by his doctor in Karachi to look for better treatment in India. But he had no money. After he got a green signal, Fortis Hospitals came forward to offer him treatment at its hospitals located in Mumbai and Chennai. They also made it very clear that it would be a cost-free treatment.

Mansoor ran through an impressive record against India back in his playing days. He is currently being treated at Karachi’s Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre. Ahmed’s doctor, Choudhry Pervez, earlier told him to undergo treatment in Indian shores as Pakistani doctors were incapable of performing such surgeries on patients.

Speaking to Mumbai Mirror on Friday, Dr S Narayani, zonal director, Fortis in Mumbai said that the group will register Ahmed for a heart transplant in Mumbai and Chennai, considering the fact he gets approval from the New Delhi government. “Once he gets a clearance from the government, we can get an assessment done to confirm whether he is fit enough to travel,” Dr Narayani said.

We, at TheYouth, wish him the best and hope he will recover soon.

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