PV Sindhu beats toughest Japanese opponent to win Gold at BWF Championships

Bold, brilliant yet storms across the badminton court with a blistering pace, shimmies down the track for terrifying smashes only to outsmart the opponent like a hot knife through butter is PV Sindhu’s ideology.

Ever since P.V. Sindhu arrived to face the competitors in the court, things have gone down too well for her.

Credits: Hindi Rush

Much to her concrete determination and winning mentality, she has gone places. After giving enough of fruitful endeavours, the results that she got in return was palpable. Badminton sport got a great deal of recognition after cricket in India in the wake of P.V. Sindhu’s aggression came to the fore.

In the latest development, PV Sindhu’s victory has put India on top of the world as she outsmarted Nozomi Okuhara 21-7, 21-7, to clinch her maiden gold at the BWF World Championships held at Switzerland. It was an electrifying performance by PV Sindhu.

Earlier, she came under pressure for not winning Gold for India and had to settle for silver medals. Now that she has won a historic gold medal and she must be really happy with this sensational win.

After missing the top prize four times previously, she gave absolutely everything against the Japanese.

Hailing from Hyderabad, PV Sindhu was quick off the blocks and didn’t allow her opponent to gain momentum as she won the first set 21-7.

Okuhara didn’t stand a chance against Sindhu as the latter showed sheer class and pace to shine in the second set.

She took a 7 point lead where the score stood at 11-4, at the halfway interval, and then resumed from where she left.

PV Sindhu took the second set 21-7, to clinch a historic gold win. A 21-7, 21-7 win of the highest order.