Tamil Nadu will go for Plastic ban from 2019, says CM K Palaniswami

Humans are doing everything to make the planet look from bad to worse. They have already taken the world in a wrong way barring little positives. Because of them, the planet is experiencing a massive change that can cause some serious effect in the later stages to come. At one end, man is reaping benefits with the technology, natural resources– and at the other end- he is destroying the environment and other life forms which is truly not acceptable at all.

Day by day, the amount of plastics are increasing drastically. As per the recent research, every year the world uses up to 5 trillion plastic bags. Shockingly, the humans produced more plastics in the last decade than compared to the plastics in the full last century. It is cognisance of the fact that plastics take more than 500 years to decompose. It is learnt that 13 millions of plastics are disposed in the ocean.

Credits: India Times Screenshot

However, Tamil Nadu has taken the right initiative to put a full stop to the usage of plastic items, as confirmed by the chief minister K Palaniswami on behalf of World Environment Day 2018. The plastic ban includes non-biodegradable bags in a bid to protect the environment for future generations. The ban to go into effect from January 1, 2019 under an environmental protection act of 1986. This means that people will use paper bags and other products made from paper.

Chief Minister K Palaniswami officially made the announcement in the state assembly describing that late chief minister J Jayalalithaa had inaugurated an expert panel about banning plastic products, including bags, plates and cups. Traditional items such as plantain leaves and plates made of palm leaves will go into effect from the next year onwards.

Use of non-biodegradable plastic products, mainly polythene harms the environment, stopping the water flow and ruining marine life organisms. Burning plastics causes pollution and the only way to get rid of this is to ban them completely.

Considering the damage caused by plastic, and to ensure this is not left behind for future generations, the Amma government has decided to ban non-biodegradable plastic covers, plates, cups, water packets, straws and bags,” he said.

Palaniswami added that despite the plastic ban, the use of plastic sachets for packing milk, curd and oil and medical products will not be subjected to the ban.

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