Being Social – A stupendous organisation working hard for a better tomorrow

Indians love various games like Cricket, Football etc., but the one we all excel in is the blame game. We certainly are experts in that prospect and no matter what the situation, we love blaming the government. After coming to a decision that one party is not good enough, we give the political powers to another and that keeps going on, but the blame game never ends.

As they say, we cannot clap with one hand and it’s imperative to bring both the hands together to get the desired result. For that to happen, every individual in the country should realize their social responsibility and what this country can achieve if 1.5 Billion people strive hard together for a change is unimaginably outstanding.

“Being Social – Ek Nayi Shuruwaat” is one of those few organizations who have realized the importance of Individual Social Responsibility and in a bid to glorify the future of this brilliant country, they have done some amazing things over the past few years. From beginning their journey in 2015 to receiving special appreciation from our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Being Social and their team has come a very long way in recent times.

The initiators Praveen Shukla and Gaurav Singh have worked hard relentlessly to materialize their dream and they certainly are on the right track towards transforming this country. Ashish Kumar, who happens to be the Vice President and also the Co-founder of this organization, spoke at length about their ambitions to The Youth.

Ashish Kumar, Co-founder and VP at Being Social.

“We promote Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) by trying to inspire and summon every Indian especially youth to work for social welfare, contributing to a better society and in turn a better India in terms of health, environment, and education,” says Ashish Kumar.

They currently are active across 7 cities in the country and boast of a team comprising over 2,500 members. Their most imperative tool towards achieving spreading awareness amongst the individuals are the unique initiatives they plan.

“Carefree Laado” is one of those exceptional initiatives which focuses on menstrual hygiene for girls and women. The unfortunate situation in our country is, a lot of girls and women don’t prefer using sanitary pads which does no good for their health and also wastes 5 precious days every month. Ashish said to The Youth that they focused on three Es in this initiative, Education, Empowerment and employment.

They are also working vigorously on various other activities which spreads awareness amongst the citizens of the country to be more responsible when it comes to some facets like environment, cleanliness, breaking the caste/poverty barriers, transforming government schools into modern day schools etc.

They also organized a few talent hunts across various slums in the country to encourage young prodigies who are holding back only because of the financial barriers. You find the brightest of minds in the smallest of lanes and Being Social has done a terrific job in encouraging people to nullify all the insecurities and follow their passion.

An enthusiastic Ashish said to the Youth that their team believes in Consistency, teamwork, Equality& transparency. He also wanted to convey his gratitude to everyone who played a crucial part in making this tiny droplet of an organization into a river aiding so many in need.

Here’s a small description of all the initiatives organized by Being Social thus far.

1. Education and Moral values Education Awareness

Children in slums, orphanages are taught moral values, skills development, culture, and basic education on life skills. #KalaPaathsala

2. Cleanliness & Awareness drive

We go house to house to talk about cleanliness, its effect on the environment and its benefits to our future generations. We also do street wall paintings and convert dirty public areas into clean gardens. #CleanIndia #GreenIndia #HealthyIndia

3. Environmental awareness – Plantation drive performed mainly during the rainy season.

4. Water for Birds

We celebrate this in the summer season, on 7 May. This campaign was conducted all over India. We urge all to keep water for birds in parks, gardens, outside the house, balconies, street etc. in pots throughout the summer. The honorable Prime Minister of India, Shree Narendra Modiji appreciate this initiative in Mann Ki Baat, 30 April 2017. #HaraBharaBharat #EvergreenIndia #WaterforBirds

5. Old age home/Orphanage home/Shelter home/Slum areas visits

We visit the senior citizens in old age home or take them out for an outing and spend quality time with them. Bringing about a little change in the lives of children at the slums or the orphanage, residents of the old age homes by various time spending programs and other planned events. #OldisGold #BachpanPachpan

6. Festival for All 

An initiative wherein we help the less fortunate/privileged to celebrate all festivals with same enthusiasm and joy.

7. Transition of government school into a basic modern school

Every child dreams a life of a normal child, a school with all facilities, good environment, health and happiness. This initiative is to fulfill this dream of every child. We will try our best to make the school a basic modern school.

8. Seasonal Event – Distributing woolen clothes and Blankets in winters.

These are the kind of organizations which can play a crucial role in shaping the future of this country in a much attractive way. We at the Youth really appreciate the effort and hard work put in by these people over the years and convey our best wishes for their future endeavors.

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