Navy Commander & Captain win ‘Asian Of The Year’ Award for Kerala flood rescue

The unprecedented heavy downpour and flash flood in Kerala claimed hundreds of lives and has caused a massive damage to the infrastructure of the state. During this catastrophic disaster, people from all walks of life helped and cared for one another in sensational ways.

The rescue personnel stepped up and played the quintessential role in carrying out ‘rescue’and ‘relief’ operations. The constant efforts by rescue personnel came at the right place and at the right time and they saved as many lives during the time of the disastrous Kerala floods.


Let us take a moment and appreciate two heroes, Indian Navy commander Vijay Varma and Captain P Rajkumar who kept on rescuing people without even caring about their lives. They both displayed an extraordinary tale of heroics. Let’s salute them.

Commander Varma was widely appreciated for leading the rescue operation in Kochi’s Port City where he winched a pregnant woman who gave birth to a baby after being airlifted to safety. Captain Rajkumar winched around 26 people up from a rooftop while drifting between trees and other houses. He also received a medal for saving fisherman’s life last year.

A video of Sea King helicopter deftly pulling up a wheel-chair bound pregnant woman was widely circulated on social media. In the process, Rajkumar finally ended up with 32 people on board. Both of them worked beyond the call of duty and battled the massive flood crisis in August.

In addition to that, they both saved four survivors from the seas during the time of the search operations. Both won the Asian of the year award for exemplary flood relief work.

“This year, the editors are pleased to honour the many men and women of courage and commitment who stepped up in the moment of greatest need,” said a press release by The Straits Times daily which is connected with the awards.