Sikhs are the most generous people in the world: Study

There is no doubt that Sikhs make the headlines for all the right reasons. Whenever there is a problem, the real heroes emerge as saviours for the victims.

They have a community called ‘Sikh Community’, selflessly coming forward to help the people who are affected by cyclones, floods etc. This sums up the essential Sikh community for you!

Credits: Al Jazeera

Then there is a Sikh Charity which provides food to hungry and homeless people

They are well known for their humanitarian work for refugees all over the world. They have also joined hands to support flood-hit victims.

With active Volunteers from the National Government Organisation, they set up a community kitchen in several parts of the world in order to provide food to the sufferers. They are intensely working to expand this selfless work.

One of the best examples was that Gurdwara Sahib members and Khalsa Aid volunteers cooked and served hot meals to Kerala flood-hit victims when the entire state faced a terrible experience due to heavy downpour.

We have also seen them taking one step ahead by donating a kidney to their friends to bridge the communal gap and no wonder why they are good people.

A recent study by BBC reveals that Sikhs are the most generous people in the world. The study goes on to prove that religion can make people much more generous in their day-to-day lives.

Research commissioned by the BBC came to know that people who claim to have a religious belief are significantly more likely to give to charity than non-believers.

It has been learnt that both Sikhs and Jews emerged as the most likely to share their ‘worldly goods with a noble cause’ who are cut above the rest of other religions in the world.

The study also carried out for the BBC’s network of local radio stations where it found that levels of generosity across the British public are increasingly high but highest among those with religious faith.