Father donates all money to Kerala flood, he had saved for cancer treatment of Son

Anas Asna is a native of Adoor town in Pathanamthitta and it’s his son is battling cancer. He had been saving money for the cancer treatment of his son but he made up his mind to donate the whole money towards Kerala floods relief funds.

Credits: FB

As per reports, Anas’s son was to be admitted at the Regional Cancer Centre for treatment of cancer this week. But Anas feels that the suffering of people who have been affected by the disastrous flash floods is even worse than the situation he and his family is in.

His Facebook post’s caption, “My son is getting admitted at the RCC again this coming Friday. My family is facing a financial crisis, but it is nothing when compared to the suffering of those who have lost everything in the deluge. So we have decided to donate the amount we had saved for his treatment to the Chief Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund (CMDRF). Our Kerala will overcome this crisis.”

Soon after he uploaded his post, it grabbed the attention of many and people also commented on it, offering to extend full support for the family for the treatment of the son. Some netizens promised to make it viral and bring it to the attention of health minister KK Shailaja.

Kerala citizens ran through a miserable experience once again when heavy showers troubled the city. In the process, waterlogging paralysed normal life. The severe effects of monsoon were witnessed when people lost their lives due to the flash flood, in what was a nightmare for Kerala.

Due to these natural calamities, people got affected very badly. However, the state saw real heroes emerge as saviours for the victims. The selfless people, who, without even caring for their own life, sprung into action to give a helping hand to the sufferers.

With the heavy rains becoming less intense now, the primary focus now is to rehabilitate 2.3 lakh people who have been displaced and are living in several relief camps.

Volunteers and NGOs across Kerala are busy in collecting everything from food, water, medicines, clothes, sanitary napkins, etc.

The devastating floods this year alone have killed 90 people and has displaced more than 2.3 lakh others.