Viral: Group of Muslims smear their spit on pots before serving food to Hindus, on Iftar party

In India, there has been a very common perception that politics is the reason for everything which goes wrong. We blame politics virtually for all wrong happenings, perhaps we don’t want to admit that politics arises from society, politicians come from among us.

If there is anything wrong in our society, only the society has to find out what the problem is and where the problem lies.

A video which has surfaced online shows a group of Muslims smearing their spit on pots, before serving food to Hindus and other Non-Muslims who were invited to Iftar party.

More than a dozen Muslim youths can be seen in the viral video where they are smearing the pots with their spit on which food was supposed to be served to Non-Muslims on the auspicious occasion.

It is also claimed that the organizers of the party had given their consent for the job. Such a heinous work ought to be strongly opposed by all of us and the offenders face the wrath of Indian law.

A similar incident came into light last week when Mumbai police foiled a wicked plan by another group of 4 Muslims who attempted to add poison to Mahaprasad and kill 40,000 local Hindus.

Interestingly they had dressed up in saffron attires so that they could not be suspected. They wanted to blame the Hindus after killing 40,000 Hindus.

Here’s the video:


After recovering the video from Social media, we at TheYouth tried to find out where the incident took place. We also tried to learn how old this video is. Unfortunately, we have not yet found any AUTHENTIC source to ascertain the origin or purpose of the act in this footage.

By observing and assessing the video, it looks some people are smearing the plates with something. But some people are defending the act claiming that the video is fake. They claim that they are eating the leftover grains as they don’t like to leave food.

  1. Fact is, if they were eating leftovers, they would clean their own plate. In fact, they would eat off just one single plate. In the video, it can be seen that they are randomly picking plates and smearing something.
  2. It is very clear in the video that all plates and spoons are already cleaned and washed. No leftover is there on any plate. How come they are eating grains off these plates?
  3. For god sake, stop supporting wrong doings.