Govt approves to speed Up $10-Billion Hyperloop For Mumbai-Pune

India is aiming to compete against the likes of China, Japan, Germany and other countries in terms of superfast, futuristic transportation by implementing the much-talked Hyperloop project. The ultimate aim of this project is to cut down travel time and with increasing evolution of technology, India is bound to reach good heights in the times to come.

Here comes a major update. Mumbai-Pune Hyperloop project received a massive boost with the Cabinet sanctioning appoint a consortium of DP World and Hyperloop Technologies as its Original Project Proponent (OPP).

Credits: NDTV

It is being claimed that once the hyperloop is up for it, then the 150-km journey between Mumbai and Pune will be reduced to just 30 minutes, thereby turning the region into only one megacity.

“The consortium will have to produce a project report. This will be open to debate and challenge by rivals. Finally, the best proposal will be awarded the rights to build and operate the Mumbai-Pune hyperloop,” said an official.

In the recently-concluded cabinet meeting, it was also decided to approve the project a ‘public infrastructure’ status, which will make it easier access to funds and concessions.

The significant project which will make a huge difference in people’s lives will be implemented in two phases. The first one with a test track on an 11.4 km corridor from Gahunje to Ozarde, followed by the final one, 117.5km track.

So any bidder is welcomed to give suggestions and objections. The project will enhance connectivity for the 26 million residents of both cities, and expect 150 million citizens to use the service annually.

If things turn out well, then India could be the first-ever country in the world to officially commission a hyperloop.

The massive project which India is dealing with involves a direct foreign investment (FDI) of Rs 70,000 crore making it the first project in the country having such a colossal FDI.

As per the officials, the Pune Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (PMRDA) is geared up to float tenders for the construction by mid-August.

The State government has also allocated a 15-km stretch of land from Kiwale to Urse in Pune to build the test track.

The track and the remaining part of the hyperloop will run along the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.