OMG! Dead man coughs on funeral, drinks water, dies again

We have heard miracles about dead people returning back to life. But little did we know that a dead man would return to life in a bid to sip water and then die again. Yes, you read that right! A 45-year-old man who was pronounced ‘dead’ by the doctors, reportedly, coughed on his funeral pyre and then drank some water and passed away.

This unbelievable incident was reported from Narsinghpur district of Madhya Pradesh on Saturday. Rajesh who is the local resident of district’s Gadarwara region was admitted to a government health facility at 4 am on Saturday as he was struggling to breathe nicely due to excessive alcohol consumption according to the hospital.

Credits: TOI

It was around 6 am that doctors declared him ‘dead’. His family brought him home and planned for his last rites. Funeral reached crematorium by 11 am and the dead body was placed on the pyre. When his elder son was just about to set the ‘body’ on fire, people over there noticed some movements in his body. When observed nicely, the dead man coughed, people claimed.

Noticing this, people immediately shifted his body and kept him on a bench and gave him water. He drank half part of the water in glass despite remaining part of the body was static.

“He drank water and was alive for some time. The body was also warm. We took him back to the hospital where doctors kept him under observation and ECG was done. After 30 minutes they declared him dead again,” Rajesh’s younger brother Rakesh was quoted as saying by TOI.

However, this time doctors performed an autopsy after reassuring his death before they passed his body. “Post-mortem lasted in 30 minutes. The body was taken back to the crematorium and rites were completed. It was a miracle which gave us a hope of his survival,” Rakesh mourned.

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