Father Wanted Son, Stabbed Newly Born Daughter To Death Till Her Kidneys Came Out

Humanity is dying a slow death with each passing day and this incident will leave you disgusted with mankind. It is impossible to imagine a father being so cruel to his own daughter and it is unfortunate that this incident actually took place.

30-year-old Vimla was married to 32-year-old Vishnu and in ten years of marriage, they already had 5 daughters. Vishnu always wanted a son and hence tried for the sixth time but God had different plans for this couple and the sixth child also turned out to be a daughter.

Vimla had gone to her parents’ house for the delivery and when Vishnu reached his wife and the newborn child, he was furious to see that she was a baby girl. He took a knife and stabbed the 4-days-old baby girl so brutally that her kidneys and intestines came out.

This incident took place in the Moti Masang village of Gandhinagar, Gujarat and we still can’t get over the fact that a father did something so ruthless to his own child. Parents of Vimla immediately called the Police and Vishnu has now been arrested. Vimla was sleeping when he attacked the baby girl and by the time she woke up to the cries, the damage was done.

Is it still so hard to believe that despite belonging to the 21st century, humans display such barbaric behaviour? The post-mortem report states that Vishnu stabbed the 4-days-old baby in the stomach with so much force that her organs came out and the thought of that leaves us extremely distressed and traumatized.

What was the fault of this new-born? The fact that she was a girl was the reason this monster of a man killed her so cruelly.
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Sukriti Hora
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